The Strategic Board Game Diplomacy

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The strategic board game Diplomacy focuses on wars, but more importantly the act of negotiating. The players are responsible for forming strategies by both developing and breaking alliances with their competitors. The game is set in Europe during World War I with most teams beginning with similar resources. Each player competes as an either Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Italy, England, France, Russia, or Germany. With at least three home center game pieces on the board, there are strategic movements in order to control one of the eighteen supply centers. This involves phases of negotiation prior to movement of game piece. There is no factor of luck. The main variable in the game is each team’s ability to convince the others to do what they want. The core game strategy is negotiation. In the game and actual life all are envious of England because of its location and resources as well as its well-developed army. Russia Germany and France are potential threats. Realizing that England has to prevent Germany from joining with France due how is the game diplomacy unrealistic to their potential. I believe that many of the alliances that occurred during World War I did not actually happen in our game of Diplomacy. There several shocking twists and turns. In our game, Italy and Russia stayed rather benign and non-engaging. They moved some pieces out of their countries; however, they primarily just protected their home country. Germany, similar to a real life map, is strategically
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