The Strategic Decision Of A New Station Manager

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Reflection (Component A): Human Resource and Dynamic Capabilities
The objective of this reflection is to critically analyse the strategic decision, made in the fourth quarter in the simulation, when the team had to decide about a recruitment selection to hire a new station manager. In this decision, the group was in complete disagreement and in the first moment each one had a divergent opinion. After, the group was divided between two opinions, when we maintained a long discussion until one could define an ideal candidate to the company, that could reflect the strategic principles of the organization.
Scenario, strategy and team discussion
Firstly, it is important to highlight that Amber airline’s strategy was based on the differentiation concept. Then organizational culture and workforce capability and engagement are important strategic competencies of the company. Dynamic capabilities is not just resources, but how the companies renew the internal and external capabilities to rapidly respond to the environment change and achieve competitive advantage. In this case, Human Resource is an important capability to the company maintains competitive advantage through the differentiation, providing a distinct service to the customers.
In the incident the team had to select a candidate to the cabin manager position, that would be responsible for all activities at the airport. There were four candidates available for the position. The first option was a middle-aged…
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