The Strategic Dilemma Faced By The Ceo Of A Start Up Company

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The case study focuses on the strategic dilemma faced by the CEO of a start-up company, called OncoLogic Biopharmaceuticals, in response to acquisition offer by another privately held Canadian company Procyon Inc. Case study provided general external and internal factors, stakeholders, both the company’s current financial standing. For the case analysis, to identify the key problems, generate alternatives, and provide recommendation, I have employed various strategic and decision-making tools such as PESTEL Analysis, balance score card, Porter’s five forces and cost benefit analysis. The present case analysis is solely based on the facts, figures, and references provided in the case study and does not employee any outside knowledge from external resources. Learning Objectives As a part of the case analysis, I am confident to be able to learn about how to analyze a case and draft case analyses for biotech and pharmaceutical industry in general and OncoLogic biopharmaceuticals in particular. I will also be able to learn about how to apply various concepts, theories, and tools for strategic planning, goal setting, and decision making acquired during the coursework while conducting case analysis to arrive at one most important short- run problem and its recommendation. Background The OncoLogic Biopharmaceuticals is a startup focused on anti-cancer drug discovery and development. The President and CEO, Steve Gold, founded the company with two researchers, Dr. Torchilin and Dr.

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