The Strategic Goal Of Wats

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The purpose of this document is to justify the commitment of resources to “WaTS” project. This document describes (a) the business objective, (b) the current situation and problem, (c) a list of critical assumptions and constraints, (d) an analysis of possible solutions and recommendations, (e) the preliminary project requirements, (f) the budget estimates and financial analysis, (g) a schedule estimate, (h) a list of potential risks, (i) a section with approval signatures, and (j) an appendix section.
3.0 Business Objective

WaTS as an educational organization decided to create a special application for children under six years old that is considered to become an innovation on the educational market. The company offers early development
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WaTS app can help the company to attract new customers and provide even better customer service using WaTS app.
Data from areas such as financial status, demographics, and educational market segment, with the initial WaTS’ business plan provide an framework of information to identify main aspects of the business such as startup investment needs, services and product pricing. This information is important to make smart business initiatives and decisions.
4.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement

WaTS is offering traditional activities for children from 3 to 6 years old. The company has many competitors on the educational field, such as, Gymboree Play & Music, Kumon, Abcya, Mathnasium, etc. However, none of those companies are direct competitors, and none have the software platform or approach of WaTS. WaTS will create a unique application that can track and analyze the success of every child WaTS team believe that early development is very important for children, therefore, this app can create individual educational programs for kids under six years old. . Parents can monitor the success of their kids remotely and receive suggestions regarding how to help their children in the areas that they need most. This application can attract more potential customers and increase the profit of the organization. So, the company can get many benefits from this project. Using new informational technologies, WaTS can create a
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