The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism by Pape, Bloom, and Horowitz

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“Terrorism involves the use of violence by an organization other than a national government to cause intimidation or fear among a target audience;” at least, this is how Pape (2003) defines terrorism in his article “The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism” (343). The goal of this article by Pape is to discuss suicide terrorism and how it “follows a strategic logic, one specifically designed to coerce modern liberal democracies to make significant territorial concessions” (343). Similar to Pape, Bloom (2004) and Horowitz (2010) also delve into the exponential increase of suicide terrorism and why it occurs. Although Pape, Bloom, and Horowitz concur that suicide terrorism is increasing, they disagree why it is so prominent. While the…show more content…
in Pape 347). As far as occupation, Pape (2003) feels it plays a key role within the property of timing. Between 1980 and 2001, 188 separate suicide attacks occurred, 179 of which were parts of terroristic campaigns, and a majority of these campaigns were direct results of seven disputes: “the presence of American and French forces in Lebanon, Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza, the independence of the Tamil regions of Sri Lanka, the independence of the Kurdish region of Turkey, Russian occupation of Chechnya, Indian occupation of Kashmir, and the presence of American forces on the Saudi Arabian Peninsula” (347). Therefore, it is no surprise why Pape believes the resentment of foreign occupation is such an effective motivator for suicide terrorism (357). Unlike Pape (2003), Bloom (2004) takes the perspective that ethnic outbidding and standard-bearers are the greatest influence on the escalation of suicide terrorist attacks. According to Bloom, without the presence of monopoly over force, bombing efforts increased in occurrence and magnitude and there was a rise of groups claiming responsibility in an effort to outbid other terrorist groups, thus creating a competitive and outbidding domino effect (65). Bloom also states “with every major attack since November 2000, support for suicide bombings has increased and support for the Palestinian Authority has decreased”

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