The Strategic Management Of Health Systems And Services For Population Health Gain Essay

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Investigating the Strategic Management of Health Systems and Services for Population Health gain in United States Qinran Liu Washington University in St. Louis Statement of the Problem Population health in the U.S has recently improved, as strategic management in health system develops. The United States has overtime experienced changes in the health system and services as the population increases and demand for healthcare. The regional balancing in rural and urban healthcare development and management is a major concern in initiating management systems. The healthcare insurance has defined policies, irrespective of the population background. This requires strategic management system in healthcare to provide affordable health services with objective equity distribution of health policies and equipment in rural areas as in urban regions (Montoya, Trilling, Monteiro, Viallon, & Albert, 2014). Through the strategic management, the population health gain would be achieved to all United States citizens irrespective of their backgrounds. Public health provides insights to health system management on appropriate methods, current practices and relating the community health improvement in the United States. Significance of the Problem The main objective of achieving strategic management of health system in the U.S is improving the community health. This target is improving the rural public health to meet the standards in the urban areas. The affordability of
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