The Strategic Marketing Plan - Ambipur

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Executive Summary

Different sectors of household care in Malaysia are exhibiting different degrees of growth. In 2002, the value of growth for matured products, such as laundry care, insecticides, chlorine bleach and dishwashing products are driven downwards by price discounting. On the other hand as urban consumers are getting more sophisticated, household care sectors such as air fresheners and toilet care products experienced robust growth. New products such as electric air fresheners and fragrance liquids have boosted this growth. The top 2 players in Malaysia that are competing in the household care sectors are Reckitt Benckiser (M) Sdn Bhd and Sara Lee (M) Sdn Bhd. Both companies market surface care products, insecticides, air
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People are keeping their living rooms or bedrooms fragrant and fresh. Mindsets and the purchasing power of consumers have changed. There is a big and growing market in air-care products, in which this assignment is aimed at promoting the Ambi Pur brand name and launching its market position well ahead of its competition.

Sara Lee is committed to promoting Ambi Pur in ways consistent with its excellent reputation. Marketing of Ambi Pur should be based on quality, distinctiveness, brand recognition, fair pricing and promotional programs. Advertising, packaging, point of purchase displays, or promotions must never misstate facts or provide misleading impressions.

The information gathered on this assignment has also taken into account my interview with a middle management employee from Sara Lee (M) Sdn Bhd. All information gathered is purely for the purpose of research and true at the time of study.

The Company's Background

Sara Lee is a global manufacturer and marketer of high quality and brand name products for consumers throughout the world. Their three lines of business are:

1) Food & Beverage 2) Branded Apparel 3) Household Products

Sara Lee has operations in 55 countries, markets branded products in nearly 200 nations and has 145,800 employees worldwide. Sara Lee Corporation stock is listed under the symbol of SLE on the New York, Chicago and Pacific stock exchanges. It is also traded on the FTSE, Euro next Amsterdam,
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