The Strategic Marketing Planning Process

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My past advertising courses have made me familiar with the terminology included in the 8 aspects of the strategic marketing planning process. To have an effective plan/campaign in marketing in the world of sports or other areas, you must know organizations identity, research your competitors and know the market, target market (how you will reach them), and how you will meet their expectations of your client. The initial research will help give to provide your clients with a timeline, measurable, and realistic objectives.

Here are eight steps to the Marketing Planning Process created by Mc-Donald, Shilbury, Quick, and Westerbeek, Lancaster, Massingham, and Kotler.

1. Determine the company’s mission statement: The company’s mission statement is a good way to get to know the organization at their core. It should be a reflection of what matters to them and where they hope to be in the future. It is important for a company to know what their mission statement is as it helps provide a direction for them and their employees. It is important for the marketer to know the mission statement because any proposal or plan should reflect the companies value. side note: in a presentation or proposal if you have zero info on the history or values of the organization you aren’t going to seem credible or well prepared.

2. Set the corporate objectives of the sport organization: The corporate objective is the big over arching goal that the organization wants to achieve. It’s important to
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