The Strategic Organizational Performance Audit

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Religious Health Care Introduction The strategic organizational performance audit for Religious Health Care Organization has been completed by Health Care Study Consulting Group. The audit results include the consulting group evaluations of Religious strategic performance and the reviews of the perspective of several unit leaders at Religious. Procedure In preparing this report, information was gathered through strategic performance evaluations, interviews with leaders of Religious’ units and online resources to compare the strategic performance of faith based providers through the use of administrative data. Findings Religious Health Care is a nonprofit hospital with a board that oversees all activities. Five (5) core function improvements of the governing board’s agenda The governing board’s first action of governance would be to develop a strategic plan process of analysis and breakdown to evaluate the current performance of the organization, review Religious’ competitive position, challenges and opportunities that all members can discuss and agree. Core function improvements of the governing board come from the organizations strategic plan breakdown mentioned above. The governing board of Religious incorporates five (5) important elements which include the following core functions: 1. Lead the Organization and Set Its Direction: a. The strategic planning allows the board to set clear goals and develop strategies for the direction of the organization by

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