The Strategic Partnership Alliances Group

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Business Description The Strategic Partnership Alliances Group (SPAG) is a business created in 2016; with three main stakeholders with a strong strategic planning management background more than 40 years of experience working and connecting high-end investors. The organizations provide solutions and add economic value to their alliances to overcome the client’s needs to solidify their leadership and growth path. The team developed a win-win model in which each of the parties involves will have defined goals for the alliance and economic goals expectations. The model baseline on the collaboration and integrations of both parties/client’s organizations to provide a service or create a product that will be an offer to an existing or new…show more content…
• Stakeholder #3: Information Technology Project Manager, the young stakeholder on the organization with 100 core global information technology projects as experience. Promote and brings the most recent trends and topics in the information technology world adapting them to the countries and clients. The focus on finding an aggregate value to the integration of the parties involve with an intelligent platform that increases or enhance the use of the technology resources available. Supporting the model units in which the organization identifies key technical aspect that will hold the scalability vision of the alliance and parties involve. The partners that are a member of the SPAG group come from key industries and business expertise to solidify the financial analysis, risk management, technology advisor, licensee’s analyst, legal advisor, international environmental experts, and others competencies for a total of twenty-five active partners. Each of the partners has their professional networks, their operational and management activities do not depend on the SPAG infrastructure. The partners have the freedom to reach out to their teams when the project is required. SPAG - Business SWOT Analysis The SWOT is a methodology that provides a snapshot of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. The SWOT analysis offers a solid report of an organization’s strategic
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