The Strategic Partnership of Ferrero Group and Dunkin Brand in the Creation of Nutella Ice Cream

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Beginning with a comparative analysis of the industry followed by strategy and implementation and a discussion business cultures, this analysis provides insights into making the strategic partnership a success.
Comparative Analysis
Baskin Robbins is a global provider of ice cream and assorted desserts with operations in Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Europe The Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Baskin Robbins estimates the compound annual growth rate of ice cream globally is 1.2% from 2013 to 2018, having emerged from a period of negative growth between 2008 to 2013 of -1.3% (Dunkin Brands Investor Relations, 2013). This is also a very fragmented market with approximately 390 different establishments and outlets operating in the U.S, alone (Dunkin Brands Investor Relations, 2013). Using the financial data provided by Dunkin Brands Annual Reports Figure 1, Product and Services Segmentation, Ice Cream Market, 2013 has been created.
Figure 1: Product and Services Segmentation, Ice Cream Market, 2013
Source: (Dunkin Brands Investor Relations, 2013)

The critical success factors of the global ice cream market as determined by Baskin…
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