The Strategic Plan Of Johns Hopkins Medicine

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When one talks about the top organizations in medicine, whether it is with regards to research, education, or treatment, the conversation is certain to include Johns Hopkins Medicine. Johns Hopkins Medicine is a leader in the healthcare environment today. Their leadership in the industry is surpassed by few as they are dedicated to transforming healthcare through numerous research opportunities that will impact the health of all individuals. This paper will discuss the strategic plan of Johns Hopkins Medicine by identifying both long-term and short-term goals. In addition strategic thinking along with key stakeholders will be discussed. And finally, the discussion will conclude with the strategies evident in the plan. Before one can understand the strategic plan of Johns Hopkins Medicine, it is best to review the vision, mission and core values. Simply stated, the vision is to educate, transform, and innovate in the healthcare sector (JHM, n.d.). Whether it is care in the hospital, educating new healthcare professionals in the university, or in the laboratories completing cutting edge research, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s vision and mission provide a basis for their strategic plan. Johns Hopkins Medicine is synonymous with medical innovation, education and patient centered care. These attributes are important for deriving both long-term and short-term goals. At Johns Hopkins Medicine, the strategy is based on six different priorities (people, biomedical…
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