The Strategic Plan Of The Promotion Of Professional Development

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Promote professional Development The strategic plan of the promotion of professional development is the foundation of any company success. The importance of this, will reflect on the need of the progression, implementation and support for the ability of facing constant increase of challenges in this sector. The issues resulting from healthcare sector are increasing and mutating constantly. Only the ability to adapt, understand and address will result in the beneficial practice/results to the all parts involved. The healthcare industry in the recent years, have been facing constant challenges: increase of population “The United Kingdom 's population is expected to continue its rise throughout the 21st century. Driven by modest…show more content…
Will generate an improvement in the services and innovative ideas and provides high quality on customer service. Developing and managing the activities in the company are essential to prepare employees for managerial and leadership positions and to attract, motivate, recruit and retain. Companies/Business nowadays are competing in a global level. Globalisation,innovation and technology are are one of the biggest influence on the change of the society. For health and social care the impact of this change brought for the individuals higher expectations of quality and support of care provided. The individuals also expect a great input/involvement of person-centred care. New models of care services are emerging to compete in a demanding, diverse and growing health and social care. Example: more people than ever are taking their own care in their hands with personal budgets “A personal health budget is an amount of money to support your health and well being needs, which is planned and agreed between you (or someone who represents you), and your local NHS team. It is not new money, but it may mean spending money differently so that you can get the care that you need. A personal health budget allows you to manage your healthcare and support such as treatments, equipment and personal care, in a way that suits you” ( Professional development must be a continuous
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