The Strategic Plan Of Westjet

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3.1 Risk Identification
WestJet develop their IT operation early and force them get the lead in the aviation businesses. However, as the global economic and the change of people’s demand, the strategic plan of WestJet need to be change to follow the change of the world. Compare with other aviation business, the IT structure of WestJet is small and keeps running on their pervious operation before Smith join into the organization. There are some risks coming out if WestJet continue these IT operations.
1. Strategic plan to be able to codeshare which will share the information and make the system work together with other aviation business cause the risk of error due to the conformation with different customer at the same time by different business.
2. Decided to move to the Sabre reservation system will increase the unmanaged risk by using outsourcing IT operations.
3. Mismatch in terms of numbers of employees within skill sets will cause the risk of increase the company cost and reduce the customer responsibility.
4. Every person works in group without and handle cases in group will cause the risk of decrease the direct connection to the business units being served, little visibility of IT project status to the business and no specific resources assigned to any business unit.
5. No prioritize of projects will cause the risk of important case not solve in time.
6. Data center adjacent to a runway, at its WestJet headquarters will cause the risk of losing data and key
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