The Strategic Plan of Pfizer Incorporated: A Research

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It ventures in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It is renowned as a giant pharmaceutical company, founded in 1849. It is based in the United States, New York, Manhattan at Midtown. It is the largest universal producer and trader of pharmaceuticals (Turner, 2005, pg 161). Some of the products availed to the market by the company are Lipitor, Lyrica, Diflucan, Zithromax, Zoloft, Viagra and Celebrex. These products are targeted to patients and persons in need of enhancements in their body systems and anatomy. It has an employee capacity of 12000 people in all its departmental sectors and sub-branches. The sub-branches are distributed all over and in all continents (Turner, 2005, pg 163).
Implementation Plan
Establishment of implementation plans in the company has been documented to address the strategic processes it carries out, and to guarantee a solid relationship between the company's pharmaceutical producers, suppliers and consumers. Implementation plans in Pfizer is carried out a sourcing process that offers reliability in confining to a common framework. The framework provides consistency and supports the company to do away with redundancies and espouse practices advocating for optimization of costs and streamlined efficacies. Similarly, planning and implementing the strategic plan at Pfizer ensures that it achieves its long term goals. It has…

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