Essay on The Strategic Planning Process

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Dissimilar sources plan altered steps involved in the planning process, but in this case I will discuss on seven steps that are involved in the entire process. The first step is goal setting. This basically involves coming up with the main objectives and goals that the company wishes to establish within a particular period of time. It is a very important section because the company will operate with a view of the goal in mind, if it is not clearly established, and then the business could lose direction along the way. After goal setting, we have development of the planning premises, where the plans are prepared and any underlying conditions defined. This is where there is an assessment of the environment and any constraints or…show more content…
The next step will be to prepare the operation plans. The operation plans should also reflect the scope and goals of the business, and they should consider several elements like competition in the market, infrastructure and many things that can be fundamental in ensuring the business gains a competitive advantage. The last step is to integrate plans. It is important to make sure that the plans have been properly balanced so that they can be able to support one another. The plans should be clearly communicated to the people implementing them. It is also important to review the plans from time to time to make sure that they in line with the trends in the business environment. Decision Making Process The decision making process can also be divided into seven steps, where the first step will basically involve defining the problem. These steps allow for the main issue to be identified, and therefore the manager should make sure that it has been done correctly. After the problem identification stage, we can move forward and identify the limiting factors, and in this the manager should make use of all resources available to do it the best way. Some of the resources include information, time, personnel, equipment and supplies. Using this, managers can be able to identify the factors that might hinder them from achieving their goals. After this, we can come up with a list of alternatives,

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