The Strategy And Its Implementation

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2.12 STRATEGY AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION 2.13 Introduction: The definition of the strategy and its determination The roots of the concept of strategy in war go back centuries, including Sun Tzu 500 BC and Karl von Clausewitz 18th century. From, which an historical body of literature was established in business sciences and business management, including and the concept of "competitive advantage" created by Michael Porter has strongly criticised this development firmly in his article (1996) by saying “that the operational efficiency or tactical decision making on strategy”. According to McKiernan, 1997; Mintzberg et al., 1998a, Stonehouse et al., 2004 strategy is, above all, the "ways to help a Company seeking their goals". Kaplan and Norton…show more content…
This plan should be communicated from the board of the Company down to the operational managers and thereafter to everybody in the Company. That is why the so-called strategic plan is made as a formal statement of director’s plans (Govindarajan & Anthony, 2001).The process of deciding on an organisation’s strategic plans, the approximate resources and requirements that will be allocated to each program as part of the plan over the next several years is called strategic planning (Govindarajan & Anthony, 2001). In addition, the strategic plan helps the organisation to reach their goals and objectives by formulating the strategy of the company (Govindarajan & Anthony, 2001). For example, CT has six different levels of strategy that can be thought of as (see Figure 2). The relationship to the thesis of the following three levels; the owner of the strategy, the group and the business strategy (Figure 4) is explained in more detail below. 2.15 Owner strategy For privately owned companies, the Owner involvement in strategy is a fundamental requirement. In this case for example participation in an ownership leadership style that supports the learning, innovation and operation (Pemberton, Stonehouse, 2004 and Francis, 2002), as well as the exit from the organisation. 2.16 Group strategy Corporate strategy is required when there are two or more Companies with more than one business unit each. The Company 's strategy is more than the sum of the
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