The Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Executive Summary For the last one century, the Coca-Cola Company has been the leading non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer and distributor worldwide. The firm has been recording substantial revenues after unveiling a new innovative strategy in the packaging of the company products. The business has aligned itself with differentiation strategies by creating a distinct brand that suits its broad market base globally. Although the Coca-Cola Company is a well-established brand that has over 3000 products and 6 billion consumers, there have been continuous challenges that need to be addressed. The aim of the report is to focus on the master plan that Coca-Cola has initiated to counteract the stiff competition and challenges in the market. The…show more content…
The Structure, People, Control Systems, and the Culture at Coca-Cola Strategies are implemented using organizational structure (design), culture, control systems, and people. A strategy must successfully integrate the four elements to produce a measurable performance. Regardless of how well a strategy is designed, people within the organization have to be able to implement it, and the structures should be able to coordinate the plan. Additionally, the company culture should support the design and the systems in place should be able to measure and control the process. If any of the four aspects fails, the strategy implementation process cannot succeed. The Structure The structure of an organization refers to the way in which different departments and sections of the company communicate. Structure relates to the manner in which tasks are divided among the staff and the ways in which upward and downward communication is conducted. The most important elements of a structure are boundaries, centralization, virtual networks, and limits (Pryor, Singleton, Taneja, & Toombs, 2011). The centralization refers to the extent of coordination in the decision-making processes. For highly centralized organizations such as the Coca-Cola Company, decisions are made by a few members who are usually concentrated at the highest levels of the enterprise. The centralized organizations are standardized, meaning that the decisions follow the same process, hence

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