The Strategy Of Lincoln Electric

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The strategy of Lincoln electric is known for its highly unique ideas for paying working according to the number of pieces they produced at works which means higher performance and productivity leads to higher pay roll. He believed in generating the best productivity and utilizing the company’s resources properly. A global organization is complex and has different task and requirement which needs different skills, education, experiences, knowledge and background. And that is why there is different kind of degree and education is available. Each major requires specific knowledge, like marketing, management accounting etc. the companies have segment in its organization also which divides the members into different groups each group have specific task and function. Integration and interdependent is also very important, integration includes the coordination of activities among the different department of the organization. Interdependence means that manager needs to monitor that each area achieving its task and responsibilities. There are three types of interdependence in organization which are simple interdependences. In which each part of organization work independently to achieve their goals, but at the end they also contribute toward the organization. Then the second is sequential interdependence, in which one groups task depend on another, first group have to finish its task in order for second one to start its tasks. For example manufactures, of computer they needs to make…

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