The Strategy Of New Media

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Despite the evolution of new media, company often concentrates on the use of social media to deliver messages and neglecting the effort to establish an advertising strategy. In fact, advertising strategy is an important planning process, which aims to persuade potential consumers to engage with the products and services. Indeed, a good strategy positively impacts on the campaign while bad strategy might lead to a campaign failure. Therefore, this essay examines the principle and strategy of advertising. Besides, this essay analyses Nike ‘write the future’ advertisement and the strategy used.

Over the past century, military strategies are used as guidance that aligned with its goals and objectives. As an example, a Greek historian,
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The company received a lot of positive feedback and the achieved a strong reputation. The successful of this advertisement is because Nike has implement a good strategy.

A company has to think critically in order to come out good strategy. The company has to do research and being innovative in order to stand out from the competitors. Today, majority of the companies focus on the brands and product when presenting the advertisement. The contents are commonly seen and hence, audiences are no longer ‘surprised’ from the advertisement. In order to catch the audience’s attention, Nike applied Thucydides’s strategy, where they examined the past and come out with something new and fresh. Nike turns their concept to a real and believable story with attractive slogan ‘write the future’. The slogan ‘write the future’ together with the powerful tagline keep the audiences feel inspired. The meaning of the slogan and tagline is that encourage people do not give up and they have the power to control of their own destiny. According to Andrews and Shimp (2013, p.272), slogan is an important component in advertising strategy. The authors highlight that a good slogan is positively and effectively impact on the brand recognition and its value. Indeed, this concept is a surprising yet intelligent advertisement as the slogan is simple, catchy and
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