•The Strategy Of Other Companies For Facing The Wal-Mart

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• The Strategy of other companies for facing the Wal-Mart Threat.
1-Force Wal-Mart points are explicitly acknowledged widely. With its size and access to capital, Wal-Mart can maintain even low-shop performance over the long term when you move to the area, a luxury not granted many small businesses, based on the family. Distribution and supply chain enables the efficient retailer to offer very low prices, which is difficult for competitors to match.
In wide variety products - especially in shops offering both the grocery and general merchandise - generates traffic and supports storage-stop shopping and one of the consumer experiences. And, the culture-oriented companies to control costs, which include reliance on low-cost and part-time,
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Mimics this approach, described by Porter (1980) Focus - a low-cost strategy. Empirical research supports the effectiveness of this approach among the selected small retailers, especially those that operate in hostile environments and intensely competitive (Maggie and Rubach, 1996/1997).
Strategy 2: Focus--Differentiation "Wal-Mart simply cannot meet the needs of our customers."
- One approach to successfully compete against the big box requires a recognition that costs must be kept under control, but the costs are low (low prices) cannot serve as an effective basis for competition. Retailers and the adoption of concentration - a strategy of differentiation to avoid price competition and competition on the basis of other factors such as quality, choice, convenience, and service. There is increasing evidence that a number of smaller competitors Wal-Mart employ this approach effectively against the big box (McWilliams, 2007a).
- It can also be an excellent specialization approach to combating a large box. Stores like Wal-Mart are the master of the breadth, not depth. This is due to smaller margins; supermarkets are usually able to carry only the products most in demand. Smaller retailers can pick status through the implementation of the relevant product lines or items that are not great boxers. Examples can be found in

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