The Strategy Of Zynga Is A Social Game With The Support Of Facebook Essay

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Zynga was the leader in the social game with the support of Facebook. The demographic representation of the social games extends to women and elderly. The lack of creativity of Zynga pushes the consumer away. This decline is also due to the fact Zynga had failed to change its strategy toward the mobile platform. Zynga relies its sales on virtual goods, which are very limited and difficult in the mobile environment. A lack of diversity to another social network and its subordination to Facebook was also an issue. Zynga’s relationship with Facebook, which imposes the use of Facebook credits on its application, causes the collapse of the organization. Moreover, Zynga was object of competition from different players
The strategy of Zynga is offer free games in order to sell virtual goods by exploiting the marketing possibilities of the games. In this perspective, Zynga uses Facebook as the social media platform to access data from different users.
Question 1
Despite its dependence on Facebook, Zynga would be a good marketing platform. First, Zynga has 300 million active users. Thus, Zynga controls large and diverse geographic and ethnic users that extend to women and elderly. The company has the ability to target and segment customers. For this reason, Zynga relies on data analytics to increase and retain online gamers. In consequences, marketers will profit the same data analytics to increase sales.
In contrast, players do not like ads, and advertisement will be an

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