The Strawberry Statement Essay

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Discusses his lack of authority to write a book, but decides to write one anyway.
Discusses that he is the one writing the book, however his thought are no different than the thoughts of the youth of another generation; what you think at nineteen is universal across all generations, youth as a movement has “always been happening.” (Intro)
He wants to do something about racism, poverty, and war.
He discusses who they are – kids who have “hopes and fears… ups and downs.” They’re people in NYC who are “unhappy because of the war, and because of poverty and the hopelessness of politics, but also because we sometimes get put down by girls or boys… or feel lonely and alone and lost.”
He discusses how the book was written – basically, at
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We all know.
Mr. Sklar
Daily Column
Phil Ochs
Sorry for the way things are
“The Marines Make Men”
“Up against the wall”
Cusp – born on the day the sign changes
The Last of the Mohicans
Civil Rights
Brave New World
Joint Committee on Disciplinary Affairs
Hamilton bust
Dean Coleman
Cox Fact-Finding Commission
Letters suggesting Kunen kill himself or submit to beatings by the cops for his beliefs
Clean Rally at Fenway Park
McCarthy and Wallace
Middle-class labor
The Ad Hoc Faculty Sandwich Decision – comical, play, Act I
Learn something for a change
Institute for Defense Analysis
Ralph Halford
Columbia is an active member of the IDA board
The Strawberry Statement – compares student democratic choices to liking strawberries
Statement made by Professor Deane
Meeting with Becraw
The Strategy Meeting
Mark Rudd
We all want the revolution
W.E.B. Dubois Clubs
Les Crane show
Red Squad of the Police
Pig cops versus non pig cops
Youth Against War and Facism flags
Peace demonstrations
Many problems come with the new left
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