The Streets Of Chicago, A Young People Of The United States

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In the streets of Chicago, a young disabled teenager was beaten. He was actually beaten senseless. But this was not one of the normal gang fights you hear about, the boy named Rodney
King was beaten by none other than the police. What makes it even worse is that this young man was unarmed and did not pose a threat, which means he was beaten for no reason. This is even caught on tape. Even though this was only one example it is not the only incident where police brutality shows to be prevalent. Personally, I do not trust the police. They swear an oath to protect people but obviously do not do so. Their poor judgement and training shows to be more of a liability than an asset to the great people of the U.S.A. That’s why the United States’ populace should take up arms so they don’t get mistreated, abused, and degraded.
First, the government taking away guns is resulting in an increased potential of governmental tyranny and oppression. The people need to keep the government in check to prevent tyranny which is only through the people’s main source of power over the government, guns. Without guns the government has ultimate power over the people leading to suffering, death, and hardships. In the article, “Gun Control and Genocide” the Mercy Seat Christian
Church claims “In 1975­1979, Cambodia targeted and killed approximately 1 million educated persons after previously passing gun control laws in 1956.” Other examples of governments committing genocide after passing gun control
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