The Strength Of A State Exists On A Continuum

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The strength of a state exists on a continuum (from strong, weak to failed). Many Latin American states have been unable to produce stability for its people due to the effects of modernization and reoccurring mass violence. This is epitomized by the case of the history of violence in Guatemala, further exacerbated by the international intervention of corporations and the American government. Corporate intervention has acted as a destabilizing factor pushing the modernization process faster than the government can keep up. The American government has further affected the political landscape by intervening in warfare be it by supporting authoritarian regimes or direct weapon transfer. (THESIS) As a result, many Latin American states are weak states deeply affected by capitalist relations globally which has resulted in zones of order and disorder especially in Guatemala characterized by a history of violence entangled with modernization efforts from corporate and American government actors; all of which has resulted in mass migration. (ORGANIZATION) This essay will be premised by a clear definition of the characteristics of a weak and failed state is. The following two sections will apply the features of weak and failed state as primary causes of migration. The first being economic factors subsection global economic and foreign capital. The second section will outline how the case of Guatemala fits this definition of failed state due to a history of violence. Finally, the last…
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