The Strength Of A Woman. War Can Have Long Lasting Effects

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The strength of a woman War can have long lasting effects even after its all over. In the poems “I am mirror” by Claribel Algeria woman from Nicaragua shows us that numbness is one of the effects of living through war. In “an Iraqi Evening”by Yusif Al-Saigh he talks a family enjoying a peaceful time at home and a mother silently saying a prayer while preparing super for her family. Naser Morina tells us in the article “Obsessive –Compulsive and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Civilian Survivors of War” that women have a high rate of obsessive- compulsive symptoms. In “The Poetry of Claribel Alegria” they talks about Claribel’s work as a poet and how her work got her banned from El Salvador for talking about some touchy subject…show more content…
They will go through so much silent pain and their children and spouses won’t even know what they are going through. They will still go to work, cook , clean and take care of everyday situations all while suffering for something that will probably stress someone else out. In the Poem “An Iraqi Evening “ Yousif Al-Sa’igj talks about a family at during war time. “Breaking news coming shortly. The entire house becomes ears ten Iraqi eyes glued to the screen in frightened silence.” (page 594) The whole family is under stress not knowing what is going on or what is going to happen. The mother’s is the strength of the family she remains calm “ Smells mingle: the smell of war and the smell of just baked bread. The mother raises her eyes to a photo on the wall whispering – Mau God protect you and she begins preparing supper” ( Al-Saigj 594) That shows that through all the fear the mother remains calm say a prayer and continue on without alarming her family. She may also be scared and afraid but the strength of Glover Page 3 being a mother you don’t won’t allow you to let your children to see you in fear even if you are. You just hold it all in and deal with it on your own time. Which is not always good but it happens a lot. I saw the same things as a child in my family. You would never know when my mother was struggling with something. She would always makes everything seems like it ok when even as a child I knew wasn’t. I also
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