The Strength Of Apple. “Apple Had Always Been ‘Different’

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The Strength of Apple “Apple had always been ‘different’ – and what drove it never changed” (Segall 88) Apple is arguably the most influential and disruptive technology company on the global scale. Founded on April 1st 1976 in Cupertino California as Apple Computer Inc., Apple has had its fair share of challenges and failures over the past 41 years but has become a behemoth of a technology company over the last ten years or so, amassing gross amounts of success (Rawlinson). The question is how; how did a small company started in a garage become so prosperous and how have they made the competition, namely Microsoft and Samsung, almost irrelevant. The answer is multi-faceted. Obviously, timing plays a huge role in circumstances such as…show more content…
The Apple I was a groundbreaking product for its time because all it required was a keyboard and a monitor, other companies needed extra circuitry to display text making the Apple I more enticing. While there were 200 Apple I computers produced, a significant amount for the time, Apple’s success really began with the Apple II (Rawlinson). The Apple II was a true innovation for its time and completely revolutionized the computer market. However, it was not the Apple II itself that was amazing even though it had color graphics and a very high resolution for its time; it was what you could do with the computer that garnered so much interest, especially from businesses (Rawlinson). Dan Bricklin, a Harvard Business School student saw that he could create and run a program on the Apple II that could do a few different types of calculations – we know this today as a spreadsheet. The program or app, named VisiCalc, solidified Apple’s place in the computer and technology industry (Rawlinson). After the Apple II came the Macintosh and then came the iMac. The iMac was a design of beauty “on the shelves next to the beige computers that dominated the market back then, the teal iMac, with its cutecircular mouse and translucent body, stood out” (The Apple Revolution). Apple did what none of the other companies were doing at the time, they found ways to

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