The Strength Of Character, Leadership, And Integrity, Sense Of Humor

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When reviewing the articles “The Strength of Character,” “Leadership,” and “Integrity, Sense of Humor amount Traits of a Leader” a multitude of topics concerning ethical thinking and behavior can be found. From a person’s reputation to what it means to be a leader, moral reasoning plays an incredibly important role in all edifices of our daily lives. With this in mind, the purpose of this paper is to explore three of the critical concepts discussed in each of the articles above and why they are important aspects to a person’s moral character. Since nine topics shall be discussed in total, three per article, each media piece shall be discussed individually with comparisons made as needed. ::: Review Starts Below This Point ::: Article 1: Starting with “The Strength of Character,” the first topic that is breached is the concept of what “reputation” actually is. To most, “reputation” is just a tag which describes a person’s character based upon their actions and the resulting social sentiments. This is mostly true, however, reputation is merely a projection of how we want others to see us and not actually how we are. Only when a person’s outside social appearance and true internal values align shall an accurate representation of their true reputation appear. Because of this moral strength is necessary to be a good upstanding person with appropriate concepts of right vs. wrong and thus a good unshaking reputation. For the most part, we must work hard to develop an

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