The Strength Of Israel 's Government

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As a country in the midst of a long brutal civil war with the Palestinians, with doubt of a quick resolution even through the signing of a truce with the Hamas, Israel retains the potential for economic greatness through its main exports of metal products, biomedical and electronic equipment, and polished diamond cutting expertise. In addition, Israel’s export strength comes from its production of software, telecommunications and semiconductor development (Comparative Agenda, 2014). The strength of Israel’s government demonstrates accountability in its practices to overshadow accusations of corruption among members of its parliament. Israel participation among multiple memberships throughout world trade initiatives demonstrates…show more content…
Israel is known for having the highest standard of living in the Middle East. The education system based on increasing technology all while maintaining the small country with vibrant rhythm you would expect from the Holy Land (Schell, 2014). Some things to remember when visiting Israel as a business prospect are they are the second largest for startup companies in the world. They also still revolve around the Hebrew calendar. Israel is often at the heart of Middle Eastern conflicts and because of that, relies heavily on their national survival, which instils such values in their people. Culturally they are very blunt and expressive. Israelis are considered to use direct communication which is usually concise and to the point. People of this tiny country tend to say what they think and do not “sugar coat” things to protect someone else’s feelings. Using bigger words and elaborating more than necessary is often considered suspicious in a prospect’s eyes. Israelis are very animated speakers and are known to use hand gestures and shouting in normal conversations. Further, interrupting someone speaking, while considered rude here in the US, is very common and is considered a sign of engagement (Schell, 2014). In Israeli culture, it is generally thought that every person is equal and it is not common to give special consideration to a specific person because of their status. They are also known for everyone being able to offer an opinion in a
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