The Strength Of Silence : An Analysis Of The Stronger

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The Strength of Silence: An Analysis of “The Stronger” by August Strindberg When one thinks of great playwrights that have changed the theatre the first name that one may think of is Shakespeare. Everyone will agree that he was great at what he did. One person’s work that many people may not recognize is August Strindberg. “The Stronger” by August Strindberg is one of his best one-act plays. Not only is “The Stronger” a great one act, it also only uses the voice of one actor. Strindberg’s “The Stronger” is based on the conversation between two women. The names of the women are never mentioned, so reader and interpreters just give the characters the names “Mrs. X” and “Miss Y.” During the one act play, Mrs. X speaks the entire time. Mrs. X first runs into Miss Y at a bar/restaurant. The conversation starts off pretty innocent as Mrs. X tells Miss Y about the gifts that Mrs. X bought for her children and husband. When Mrs. X mentioned her husband, she began to tell Miss Y that she could have had a husband and children by now. As their one-sided conversation escalates into Mrs. X telling Miss Y about all the women who try to seduce her husband, she informs Miss Y that she knows about Miss Y’s and Mrs. X’s husband’s affair. Mrs. X slowly realizes that her husband’s new fixations come from the intimate time that he had spent with Miss Y. This realization could be a possible lead to why Mrs. X unconsciously changed herself to become as much like Miss Y as she could be. One may
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