The Strength Of The Team

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Phil Jackson famously stated that "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." Given this scenario, I have formulated a series of recommendations to address the key issues. The case is a prime example of a dysfunctional team trapped in the storming phase. The team’s three core problems are team dysfunctions, intragroup conflicts, and role ambiguities. In the hopes of resolving these issues, I have developed a strategic approach with different options and emergency tactics to pursue based upon the results of its first stage.
Individual Member Diagnostic (Couples Therapy)
This team, which features a diverse range of skillsets and personalities, struggles from a lack of structured communication, misaligned goals, and personal vendettas. I believe that individual meetings between Tony and each team member need to take place to assess goals, conflicts, and the optimal team structure from every member’s perspective. The team lacks unity primarily due to poorly-set goals, and the private nature of the one-on-one meetings will allow the team members to openly express their personal intentions for this project. The meetings provide the opportunity for individual members to share their views in an unjudging environment similar to a therapy office. It is imperative that a team structure is found that not only operates efficiently with set goals, but also resolves all personality and leadership clashes. Specifically, the
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