The Strength Trainer?s Guide to Success Essay

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Your body has about 650 muscles. No matter that you care about just four or five of them, all of which can be sculpted with maybe a half-dozen strength-training exercises. You still need all of them to perform the normal functions of everyday life; breathing, eating, walking, sucking in your stomach at the beach. Of course everyone wants to have the perfect body; however, few of us don’t effectively know how to reach our body building goals. Since muscle growth is such a slow process, weight-lifting should be broken down into three muscle developing stages.
The first stage of muscle development is the process of preparing your muscles for growth. This is the stage all beginning weight-lifters should start
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During this stage, you will notice a slowing down of the gain of muscle strength because the only gains of strength, from here on out, are due to gains in muscle mass. For lifters that have been lifting frequently for over a year, it is okay to start at this stage. Now is the time to start lifting more intensely, with more set, and less repetitions. Try to use as much weight as you can use to do seven to ten repetitions during each exercise. Your muscles have toughened up, but don’t let that trick you; your body still isn’t use to the hard, intense body builder’s workout programs with the ten sets of bench presses. Therefore, only do about two to three sets per exercise and one set for an exercise variation. If it is a “push” day and you are working out your pectorals, either do three sets of flat bench press or one set of flat, one decline, and one incline. It is best to do lots of variations at this stage of muscular development to allow muscle growth from all parts of the muscle.
Stage two is the time to start multiple muscle group lifts, known as core lifts. Core lifts are exercises like such at the bench press, pull-up, and squat. It is best to do the core lifts at the end of your workout. Say it is a “pull” day, start out with some bicep exercises in order to tier your biceps; when you do your pull-ups later, your back will have to do more work since

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