The Strength of an Electromagnet Essay

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The Strength of an Electromagnet


[IMAGE]An electric current flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field. Coiling the wire produces a stronger magnetic field. Coiling it around a soft iron core increases the strength effect; raising the current or the number of coils increases it further.

I am going to investigate the raising of the current and how it affects an electromagnet.

I think the electromagnet will produce a stronger magnetic filed and pick up more iron fillings.


To investigate factors which affect the strength of the electromagnet and make the strongest electromagnet possible.


· Iron Rod

· Leads

· Power Pack
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The higher the voltage means the size of current will increase too. The stronger the magnetic field, the more filings will be attracted by the electromagnet. When the coils will be evenly spread across the rod, the current across the rod and the magnetic field will be even.


The apparatus will be set up to form a circuit, as below:

I will use an iron rod and make (5) coils around the rod with a piece of wire. They will be spread as evenly as possible across the rod. The ends of the wire will then be connected to the circuit with crocodile clips. The voltage on the power pack will be turned onto 0.5 amps. As this is the ampere reading from the power pack, it may not be exactly 0.5A, which is why a voltmeter has been added so the actual number of amps could be measured each time. This will also be written in the results table. When the current is switched on, I will hold the rod from one end and put the other end into a beaker full of iron filings, allowing it to pick up as many filings as possible. The mass of the nails picked up will be weighed on an electronic scale and recorded. This will be repeated 2 times so a precise average can be taken. The same experiment will be carried out, increasing the voltage by 0.5 amps each time, up to 7 amps. All of these will be written to 1 decimal point.

Fair Test:

In order to keep the experiment a fair test I
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