The Strengths And Weaknesses Of NRD

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5.0 Conclusion
This chapter summarizes the discussion of each chapter in the report by highlighting the main points. It provides the summary of training experience in Chapter One and Two, the analysis on specific task in Chapter Three and evaluation of strength and weaknesses throughout of NRD in Chapter Four.

5.1 Conclusion of Chapter 1
In chapter 1, it discussed about the National Registration Department (NRD) background and the history of its establishment. It covers the background of the organization, organization chart, logo of organization, organization’s vision, mission and quality policy as well as functions of NRD. The objective and functions of Human Resource Management are also explained. The client charter also had been stated in this chapter as the guidelines in order to deliver effective and efficient service. Lastly, the code of ethics that public servants are expected to practiced.

5.2 Conclusion of Chapter 2
In this chapter 2, it explains the task and activities that I have done during my practical training. It summarized all daily tasks done. I had been exposed to many kinds of task such as filling, administrative task, event committee, photostat documents and faxing. Each of tasks gives a new experience.

In filing and storage, I was given an
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Through my observation, the strength of NRD are good leadership, effective working culture and effective communication channel in the organization. Consequently, all the strengths has lead to good relationship between employees and employer, employee and customer because they actually depend on each other. Meanwhile, the weaknesses of the NRD are lack facilities, lack of training for lower management level and poor filling system. I have suggested several recommendations that can be used by the NRD in order to improve the current system practiced in the

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