The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Personality Type For Myself

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The Jung Typology Personality Test’s purpose is to be used as a tool that will help an individual determine and hopefully derive an understanding of their personality type. In this paper I will be discussing the INTJ personality, which it the determined personality type for myself, I will also discuss strengths and weaknesses that may affect an individual who identifies with this personality type. Step 1 Introvert (59%) I have taken the Jung Typology Test previously in another class, but really didn’t go in to deep as for as truly comparing it to how I see myself and how others may see me. The test has determined that I am an introverted person. I definitely agree with this assessment, for I am a person that probably…show more content…
It took some time but I learned how to be assertive when I had to which I believe helped me to be successful in my Military career. iNtuitive (38%) In the sensing category I was assessed higher in the intuition category. I find this assessment to correctly describe me. I usually have 50 different thoughts going through my mind at one time, though at times I can become so focused on something that I can’t sleep until I have finished what I started are I have found the answer to what I was looking for, I have actually awaken at 3:00 in the morning because I finally figured out a password to a computer I was working on, my mind never really powers down. I am that person that likes to know how something works, once I figure it out I move on to something else. I got my degree in Software Development for the simple fact that I wanted to know the ins and outs of how a computer worked and how programmers write codes that make programs do what we want them to do. I am satisfied with the fact that if I need to fix a computer I can, if I need to build an app, make a webpage or build a database I can. I think this trait helped me in my Military career, in that I was always the Soldier that volunteered for classes because I wanted to know how things worked, especially new technology. I work part-time in at a health club and

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