The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Three Companies

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Use the value-chain template to identify the locations and nature of the strengths and weaknesses of the three companies
Value Chain Walmart Amazon eBay
Inbound logistics 1. Real time inventory data. strength
2. Own its truck fleet. It could be negative because it adds more department to be managed.
3. Highly automated distribution facilities. Strength.
4. Fast responsive transportation system strength 1. Accurate forecasting technology which reduced return unsold items to suppliers. Strength.
2. Collecting information about customers’ experiences to specify inputs and inventory control. Strength. 1. Potential buyers could bid on the item on sale until a fixed time. Medium.
2. Bill me later service. weakness

Operations 1.
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2. Comparison of prices between used and new items. Strength.
3. Increase channels and range of goods through 3rd parties and customers. Strength. 1. PayPal process payment in 19 currencies. strength
2. People interact under set of regulations and rules, which exclude many services area such as after-sale services, training and complaints handling. Strength
Logistics 1. Trucks never leave empty. strength 1. Ability to aggregate orders bound for special locations. strength 1. No worried about goods being sent along the supply chain to retailers or the final customers. strength
2. PayPal is available to any individual online or offline or business with an e-mail. Strength

Compare the three companies’ e-commerce business models.
Comparison Walmart Amazon eBay
E-commerce business models E-tailer: this allows Walmart to do business offline through its stores and online through its website. E-tailer: It depends only on its online retail store. Market creator: It provides a digital environment where buyers and sellers can meet, search for products, display, and establishing prices for those products.
Variation Bricks and clicks: are subsidiaries of existing physical stores and carry the same products. Virtual merchant: online version of retail stores, where customers can shop anytime and anywhere. Auction: web-based business that used internet technology to create market that bring sellers and buyers together.
Revenue model Sales
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