The Strengths Of The Student

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Case 1 Marie Describe the strengths of the student portrayed in the case study. In this case study, Marie has showed to be very good at computer games, and showed to have a good range of mathematics skills. Also, she does not feel the same towards different situations like the other children in her school. In her class when of the pet animals died she felt unconditional towards the event and was more worried to what was going to happen to the dead pet rather then feeling sad for its death. As for the skills that she acquired through computer games, this could be seen as strength because according to a previous study, children who suffer from autism can develop a certain skill faster than other children (Pring, L., Hermelin, B., & Heavey, L. 1995). Also, the mathematics skills are one of her strengths, as she does not see the world around her like the other children this helps her focus on a main topic more easily than someone that does not have her ability (McMullen, 2000). Autism can make her apathetic towards emotions and feelings, this could be seen as strength as well as a disadvantage, Marie can be spared from feeling sadness, therefore, she can pay attention to details rather than focus on other preoccupations, but she also won’t be able to understand sarcasm and could take words and events quite literally (Cumine, Dunlop & Stevenson, 1998). Describe the special educational needs of the student portrayed in the case study. Marie has difficulty socializing with
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