The Strengths and Weaknesses Within My Medicine Wheel Essay

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In Aboriginal teachings, the medicine wheel is sacred because it represents the various components of a healthy, well-rounded individual. Like wellness, the medicine wheel represents an “active state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, thus achieving an optimum balance” (as cited in Fain & Lewis, 2002, p. 7). The medicine wheel is divided into four major sections, each representing a major part of a person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). In order to achieve balance in one’s life, one must analyze each of these components, and work to improve communications within one’s self. Intrapersonal communication is vital to the development of self-concept and self-esteem,
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As for exercise, I would say that I am fairly active. My greatest weakness is my lack of motivation to be active when I am busy with school, work, and social aspects of my life. I also feel that my nutrition could be improved. I eat fairly healthy, but when I get busy with school I tend to eat whatever foods are quick and easy.
With respect to intrapersonal communication, I find that my biggest setback in this category is comparing my physical appearance to others, which often creates a negative self-image. I have not yet progressed to the point in which I am pleased with my physical presence, but I would like to do so by eating a balanced diet and becoming more physically active. I value keeping physically fit and good nutrition because both help to maintain healthy muscles, bones, lungs, and heart. I feel that I am a very capable individual, and I would like to push myself to my physical limits.
My negative intrapersonal communication affects my judgement of other people, which impacts my interpersonal communication. I feel that sometimes I judge other people based on how they look, and use these judgements to decide if I want to associate with them. Often I avoid talking to people based on how they look because I convince myself that they probably have a certain personality. Lots of times these stereotypical views turn out to be wrong, and I find myself surprised. I need

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