The Strenuous Cycle Of Stress

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Alex Corbin College Composition Mr. Short 22 January 2016 The Strenuous Cycle of Stress For the past year and a half I have been swamped with college visits, essay writing lessons, standardized testing tutoring, endless family discussions, and stress beyond belief. It was not until recently, when I was accepted into college, that the chaos finally ceased… barely. The size of the burden that the college process places on high school juniors and seniors is too enormous to measure and too unnecessarily complicated to understand. But regardless, it continues to grow. The meaning of an acceptance into a higher education institution has transformed from acting as just an acceptance into a college into an acceptance of one’s self worth.…show more content…
Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, an adolescent medicine specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the author of books on teenage stress and resiliency for the American Academy of Pediatrics, expressed how he perceives the college admissions process as “an initiation rite into adulthood.” However, he went on to explain how, “if success is defined very narrowly, such as a fat envelope from a specific college, then many kids end up going through it and feeling like a failure” (Parker-pope). The college admissions process is a draining cycle of strenuous work on a teenage mind. With acceptance rates so low at top institutions, how can admissions officers expect the extreme drive of all applicants to remain so high? When will they realize that these students are bound to crack? That they can only stand so many sleepless nights and ensure so many emotional breakdowns? You may think that I am biased, that I do not actually understand what it feels like to be disappointed because I was accepted, however, here you are wrong. Throughout my high school career I have witnessed rejections everywhere I have turned. What once stood as a place with promising purpose and desirable opportunities where one can explore their interests and expand their endless ideas, higher education has transformed into solely a right of passage or approval with no hindered meaning. The society we live in has this warped perception and obsession with elite colleges that has
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