The Stress Levels Among Celia And Hector

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The stress levels among both Celia and Hector are extremely high due to worrying about financial aspects and the living situation of the family. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of additional daily stressors can cause for an illness episode to occur, with that being said, the results of stressors, coping efficacy, and neuroendocrine function can have an affect on disease status (Sperry, 2008). Psychologically, I feel as if Hector is under a great deal of pressure to provide for the family, and even if he works extremely extensive and hard hours ,the family continues to struggle. Concerning Celia psychologically, Celia seems to be timid. Hence, Celia doesn 't like to approach Hector about all the problems arising. Celia avoids communication with her own husband which causes barriers. Socially, Hector and Celia struggle with the fact that they lack communication with each other. Since both family members are the caretakers of the house, they should communicate in order to grasp what is occurring. Having no communication leads to supplemental issues. In addition, Celia lacks communicating with others within the environment as well, such as her children’s teachers, medical providers, which also causes for a barrier with external relationships. Since Hector is so busy with work, it is difficult for him to speak with the teachers and outside resources, which results in neither of the care takers having effective relationships with their children’s teachers or any other…
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