The Stress Of A Crisis

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In a crisis, there is usually an event involving change as well as loss. It could be the loss of someone through death or separation, the loss of health through illness or accident, or the loss of something such as a house or a job. As a result of the crisis, one might feel terrible regarding oneself, feel like a failure, or feel unable to cope because 1) have never been in the situation before 2) have found it hard to cope with a similar situation in the past 3) don 't feel in control, feel tired, worn out or unwell. People often have an emotional response to the stress of a crisis. They might feel scared, anxious, or angry. Recently my Mother lost her Mother however; she was not the one who took it the hardest. Her youngest sister is taking the crisis incredibly hard; making my mother stress about the remaining family’s emotional well being (Lamanna & Riedmann pg. 378) this family stress was consistent with the state of tension my mother was feeling. My Family is dealing with the loss in the best way they can. The following factors contributed to the coping of the crisis in the following ways. The loss in the family was extremely difficult however, my grandmothers passing was viewed in a positive way. She no longer had to suffer with pain and keep struggling to live. I reminded my mother every day of how my grandmother was free of pain now and that she no longer hurts. These words of reassurance helped ease my mother’s grief and reduce her sadness in a small
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