The Stress Of Active Duty Service Members Essay

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With the constant turmoil overseas and the need for active duty service members. Military families are being pushed to the limit more than ever (Atuel & Jacobson, 2011). But perhaps one of the most pressing issues is, how can families cope with the stress of active duty service members leaving home on a constant basis and how does a child deal with departures, transitioning, or a loss of a loved one? Therefore, it is important especially in a school setting to ensure that each child undergoing military restraints has the ability to establish ways to counteract issues regarding stressors attached to military families (Military Child Education Coalition, 2016). This group initiative provides a basis towards helping children deal with areas regarding anxiety, interpersonal skills, promoting positivity, academics, and future school preparation.
Amelia Carriel Junior High School ranges from grades 6 to 8. The school is located in O’Fallon, Illinois and is approximately 5 miles from Scott Air Force Base. The area has a large number of both active and retired service members living throughout the Community. Amelia Carriel Junior High School currently has 701 students enrolled, 68.6% are white, 16.7% are black, 4.6% are Hispanic and 10.1% are classified as other (Illinois Report Card, 2016). 20.3% of students are considered low income, which consist of families receiving public assistance, substitute care or eligible to receive free or reduced lunches. 17% of
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