The Stress Through The Techniques Of Mindfulness

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Family is where your heart grows the most. Being away from them can make you feel stressed. There are ways to cope with this stress through the techniques of mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of the world around you and adjusting your mind to peace within. Being away from my family is my number one stressor. I have been away from my family for a few weeks, but never four years. I know that I can go home to visit, but my schedule for the upcoming semester looks tight, unless it’s for a break. I feel like I’m missing out on what will be happening with my family. There are a lot of family outings but I’ll be in college making them proud. I don’t want to be away for so long and come back home on a break and be a stranger to my family…show more content…
It hasn’t dwelled on me that it would become a major factor of my stress. Not until the mid-point of the semester when I found out she underwent surgery without me knowing. It stuck fear in my heart because I didn’t know what the surgery was for. I was so upset at her for not telling me and I pushed the thought of being without my mother out of my head because it would only make me feel worst. I recognized that the fear I had was a part of my acknowledgment and I knew I had to calm down.
I started to believe that I was able to complete the program. I believed in myself and my peers that I wouldn’t give up. Self-reliance helped me understand what I was going through. I love my mother, and I would hate to disappoint her. I always been connected to my mom. She has been my backbone my whole life. I want her to relax and brag about me to all her friends about how I’m in college. It just stresses me out not being there with her, like I was when I was in high school. I would rather be around my mom than anyone else. She is all the family I know. I have family, but it’s not my mother. I have always been there whenever she was in the hospital. Then when she came home I would fuss at her about how if she did this and that better, she wouldn’t even be in the hospital in the first place.
Not being home plays a major part of my thinking. I knew this day was coming, but I never expected it to be here so soon. I always teased my mother about how she would miss me more than I
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