The Stress on Americas Equality Essay

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In America’s society, equality has always been a reoccurring issue. All the way from early slavery and the Holocaust to discrimination toward African Americans, females, and now same-sex marriages. As much as our world focuses on becoming equal, each culture deals with it’s own differences. In Michael Jackson’s song, “Black or White” compared with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song, “Same Love,” they each approach the same topic encompassing equality. Songs from completely two different generations but each song is concentrating on the important issues of their time, racial discrimination and same-sex relationships. Both of the artists have the same dreams on fairness and each song is just the start of how people started to change their…show more content…
Michael Jackson was a prominent role model of the 1980’s and 90’s. His songs influenced and left an impact on people in a way that no artist has every done before. He not only left his impact on music, but also left his impact on society. He is known as “The King Of Pop” due to many of his billboard topping songs and his talented singing voice and dance moves that no one could replicate. He started at a young age, beginning his singing career at the age of 5 years old. Here he joined his brothers and made The Jackson 5. By his teenage years he began to stand out and started his own solo career as an artist. One of Michael’s biggest problems he had to face was a horrible skin condition called Vitiligo. It is a chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigment. Irregular pale patches of skin are the outcome of this pigment loss and a lot of people refer to it as “turning from black to white.” Jackson’s doctor, Patrick Treacy, reported to the public, “It is well documented that in 1986, Michael was diagnosed with Vitiligo” (Treacy). This was the beginning of his transformation. Not only was he transforming himself physically, but as well he was transforming the rest of the world. Jackson was now seeing the world in a whole new perspective and had to go through many hardships. During these hardships, Michael used his music to help him overcome

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