The Stressors : Family And Relationship, Work, And Social Stressors

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Personal Stressors The stressors that I relate to most often are family and relationship, work, and social stressors. The first one that I relate to most often is due to family problems which then turn in marital disagreement. For example, when my mother in law lived with us she wanted to raise our children her way which included giving bottle until my kids were over five years and blending all the foods to a child that was over three years of age. When this situations were happening I felt that I was out of control in how my family was being raise because I had to work for long periods of time and I was not there most of the time to be able to voice how wrong were her choices. The way that I reacted to these circumstances was blaming my husband for letting her do whatever she wanted and then scream at him so he will put an end to the situations. I didn’t want to have an argument with my mother in law and I make him handle it. The only way to manage that stressor in my life was to have that person move out from our house and live as a family raising our children the way we chose instead of the way others want to. Current Stressor One stressor in my life right now is social due to the fact that I have financial pressures. The appropriate way to deal with it is budgeting which is kind of difficult in some cases due to unexpected expenses during the month. Harper (2008) a nationally certified counselor defines positive optimism as “an outlook that asserts that we can deal

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