The Strike Law Is A Real Problem

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Introduction Three strikes law is a real problem, how long will the government keep looking the other way instead of dealing with the problem, over population, excessive punishment, over spending, all factors that deteriorate our correctional system as well it creates more deficit that impacts the economy of the tax payers. The idea of our correctional system is to protect, punish and rehabilitate, not burry current issues in a cell. Important information regarding this troublesome situation will be presented to support the argument that the three strike law does not work in any way, it just gives a false sense of security to the people because of the erroneous idea the crime has gone down ever since it was implemented. Over population There are many states that have the three strike law, it was first established in Washington in 1993 and other states followed in the upcoming years, some have amended the law so that it applies to more violent criminals, but in the state of California that is not the case. The state of California implements their three strike to offenders who have committed two violent or serious felonies, once they commit a third felony regardless of the nature of the felony the individual is sentenced to life in prison. The problem with this is the great amount of individuals who are being sentenced to life on a none violent felony, for example if an individual has two different felonies for robbery and then gets caught stealing loose change from a car that
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