The String Instruments Are Made From Wood, And Instruments

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String instruments
Sting instruments are musical instruments that are made from wood and have strings. They make their sound when their strings vibrate. This causes the body of the instrument as well as the air inside to vibrate too. The strings are either plucked with the hand or a bow is drawn across the strings. In an orchestra the four string instruments are the violin, the viola, the cello and the bass.
• Violin
• Viola
• Cello
• bass

The Violin
The violin is the smallest and highest pitched string instrument. It is played by a violinist or fiddler. When playing, the violinist holds the violin between the top of his left shoulder and the left side of his chin as he draws the bow across the string or plucks the strings with one or both hands. The sound can be stopped by placing a hand on the strings. The bow is made of wood and horse hair. The violin is tuned in perfect fifths. Music for the violin is written in the treble clef. In the orchestra, the violins play in two groups. These are the first violins and the second violins. In the orchestra, the violins sit to the left of the conductor in rows. The first violins are to the far left and the second violins are to the right of them. The Concert Master is usually a first violin player, and he or she sits in the front row of the first violins.

The viola
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It has the lowest pitch and is described as heavy and grumbling. It is sometimes called the grandfather if the string family, the double bass and even the doghouse bass. It is the only string instrument tuned in fourths. The bass is played by a bassist who stands or sits on a tall stool. The bass has an end pin which stands on the ground and the bass rests against the bassist’s body as he plays. The bass is not only played in the orchestra but is often used to play jazz and blues and other genres. In the orchestra, the bass players sit at the back to the right of the conductor, behind the

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