The Stroke Combustion Cycle ( Ice ) Revolutionized The Way The Man Think And Moves

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I’m interested on this topic because, I think that the four stroke combustion cycle in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) revolutionized the way the Man think and Moves. Internal Combustion Engines are also significantly more efficient than the well-known steam engine. Today it has better power than electric batteries and motors, and offers similar overall efficiency. Small, lightweight ICE made personal transportation possible. It transformed how we built cities and did business. Engines are so important for the advancement on any society, nowadays without engines it will be much harder for man to do what it look simple and ordinary in today’s world. More than importance of this topic on my career or profession, is the importance on the topic in our daily live, this paper explains how with the help of physics all grate scientists revolutionized our modern world of engines.

Four Stroke Combustion Cycle Engine Thermodynamics
The piston is at top dead center and starts down. At that instant the intake valve opens, remaining closed exhaust. As you turn the crankshaft, the elbow is occupying different points of its rotary travel, and, through the connecting rod causes the piston goes down and causing a carburetor suction through conduit that has opened the intake valve, dragging a quantity of air and gasoline, which are mixed and sprayed into the carburetor. These gases are filling the void left by the piston to go down. When it has reached the…

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