Essay about The Strong Character of Rukmani in "Nectar in a Sieve"

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Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya tells the story of Rukmani—affectionately known as Ruku—her family and village. Throughout the novel, Rukmani faces a lot of adversity. She demonstrated her true character each time she overcame one of her problems. Whether it was showing compassion to those less fortunate than her, persevering for the sake of herself and family, or adapting to a new livelihood, Ruku overcomes all of the difficulty. Rukmani exhibits her true character of compassion, perseverance, and adaptability to changing circumstances each time problems faced her. One characteristic of Rukmani that she demonstrated for the duration on Nectar in a Sieve is that she is a compassionate person. She frequently acted out of her …show more content…
Rukmani shows compassion to Puli because “He is a child after all, still tender, still eager. Whatever he may say or do he has lived only a short time, not easily.” (K. Markandaya, 179). Ruku is a very compassionate character and often acted out of her compassion. Amongst compassion, Rukmani is also very persevering. She shows her persevering spirit repeatedly throughout the novel. During a famine, Rukmani had to persevere even though she was starving, to get to the time of the next harvest. When the harvest had come, Ruku was frail; however, she still worked to harvest the crops. “We worked through the days and in the twilight getting in the rice, and then we worked three more days draining the fields and clearing them, and then three more nights sifting and winnowing.” (K. Markandaya, 101). Her own will enabled Rukmani to harvest the crops, which in turn enabled her to out an end to her and her family’s starvation. Rukmani also perseveres when she had to give up her land and decides to leave the village that she had called home for thirty years and go to her son’s village. The journey there was very difficult for Rukmani and her husband. Once when they had went to a church, somebody took all of their money and possessions and Rukmani was left destitute. Still, Rukmani perseveres by resourcefully deciding to write letters for others and then receive payment
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