The Strong Influence of Media on North Korean Leaders

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North Korea is located in southeastern Asia on the northern part of the Korean peninsula. It is known worldwide as having an oppressive regime. The country is controlled by the ruling family and punishments are severe. Its history has had a clear effect upon the nation. Other nations have tried, to no avail, to learn what goes on in North Korea and how to handle the North Korean problem. However, these other countries have been going about the process in the wrong manner. The road to solving the North Korean problem needs to be solidly paved before it can be trod upon. Trying to sprint down a road that is full of potholes and obstacles will only exacerbate the problem at hand. Bluntly put, there needs to be preparations in place for the…show more content…
If discovered by the Chinese authorities these women are deported back to North Korea which is in direct violation of the UN Treaty on the Treatment of Refugees (Hughes 1). However, “refugees have reported that Chinese officials are complicit in the trafficking of North Korean women…” (Hughes 2). These women can be sold and re-sold until they either die or are deported back to North Korea; once back in North Korea they are sent to prison camps for their original defection (Hughes 2). Their treatment is appalling and China’s hands are marked because of it. This needs to be stopped. If North Korean refugees cannot flee to neighboring countries such as China for safety, then the country is as good as gone. When the inevitable downfall of the North Korean regime occurs, there needs to be places where the people can flee. These places won’t be ritzy, they will likely be refugee camps, but the refugees themselves need to know that the locations of the refugee camps are safe. If there are safe places for the North Korean refugees to flee to, the North Korean people can be saved from the self-destruction of their country and potentially build a new future. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees needs to be allowed to step in and begin preparations for the North Korean people, because North Korea’s days are numbered. Corrupted Chinese officials need to be weeded out. If China is the
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